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Why do these .MID sound the same?

     I have compiled thousands of midis from hundreds of sources over several years.
     I use file checking software that looks for the same "check sum" output of a file and tells me which files are the same (even if they have totally different names when I received them), and have deleted all duplicates.  However, some remaining songs sound very similar and almost exactly alike, but yet the software duplication software tells me they are different ....because they are!
     Midis are very easy to change with the right software.  You can change the tempo, volume, an instrument being played, or possibly just change a few notes to make it sound better to the listeners ear.  Therefore, the duplication software is correct, that they ARE different.
     Do I have time to sit and listen to every file to see which one sounds better?  NO!  Obviously if you are looking for a specific file you'd want to thou.
     So you can browse and listen at your leisure... and enjoy!

Have a request?  Send them my way!
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